Kasepuhan Cirebon

Kasepuhan is a village located in the surrounding area Kasepuhan palace complex. The existence of this village apart from the existence Kasepuhan palace.


Kasepuhan palace was founded in 1529 by the [[Prince Mas Mochammad Arifin II] (great-grandson of Sunan Gunung Jati) which replaces the throne of Sunan Gunung Jati in 1506. He lives in the palace Great Pakungwati Cirebon. Kraton Kraton Pakungwati Kasepuhan formerly, while the title of Prince Mas Mochammad Arifin Panembahan Pakungwati I. The name comes from the name of the Queen Pakungwati Goddess Pakungwati bint who married Prince Cakrabuana Sunan Gunung Jati. He died in 1549 in the Great Mosque in the Copyright taste very old age. His name is enshrined and venerated by Sunan Gunung Jati lineage as the name Kraton Kraton Kraton Pakungwati now called Kasepuhan.

PALACE Kasepuhan Kasepuhan located in the Village, District Lemahwungkuk, Cirebon is the first palace once established around the 13th century. As the seat of government of the Sultanate of Cirebon in those days.

As the first Sultan of the Sultanate of Cirebon, Kasepuhan Palace has a history longer than most other third-palace. This palace also has the largest area kekeratonan, kekeratonannya region reaches more than 10 Ha. This palace is located in the south of the square with the Grand Mosque in the west Notices Taste square.

At the beginning of the establishment of the first buildings constructed palace is Pakungwati I. Pakungwati palace built facing towards the Java Sea and back to Mount Ciremai. The building is on the east side there is a palace building Pakungwati II.

A lot of history that is stored in the palace, as well as relics contained therein such as a stretcher-shaped body and bird-headed creature fish. It symbolizes “As high as high as a leader in his leadership still must be able to see and explore the state of each of the people that are below”.

The series a long way in building a government at the time. Kasepuhan palace as the palace of the first in Cirebon. It shows how big the role and influence of culture in building economic Cirebon during the reign of the Sultanate of time.

Kasepuhan palace is now no longer holds the reins of government and run in Cirebon
as in the Sultanate. But as a cultural heritage, palace Kasepuhan has a meaning and a very important role in the long journey to build a culture and economy Cirebon.


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